3 hours flytime

5 km

100 km radius

8 kg payload

160 km/h

Fuel motor

The Arcadia VTOL X4720mm VTOL platform is a long endurance unmanned VTOL airframe designed for professional use. Using this airframe with your team of experienced engineers will allow your team to have the foundation they need for the most demanding of requirements.


  • Playload 
  • Flight Radius:
  • Flight up-to: 
  • Flight Time
  • Max Speed: 
  • Wingspan:
  • Length:
  • Fuselage Width: 
  • Wing area: 
  • Empty weight: 
  • Maximum speed: 
  • stalling speed: 
  • Volume of fuel 
  • ARF Combo: 
  • Engine: 
  • Servos: 
  • Servo for accelerator: 
  • 8 kg
  • 100 km
  • 5 km
  • 3 hours
  • 160 km/h
  • 4720mm
  • 2450mm
  • 166 dm2
  • 13.7 kg
  • 160km/hr
  • 55km/hr
  • Fuel tank 8 liters
  • 4720 frame kit x1
  • Fuel Motor
  • Hacker (Germany)
  • Hacker (Germany)


Arcadia Blue sky box, is the engine, memory or brain of our UAV’s. All intelligence modules are fit together in one box. All components are European components that make our drones and UAV’s unique. 

Arcadia Artificial intelligence (A.I)

Combining drones and artificial intelligence seems to be the answer to the future. All Arcadia drones have personal ID of Artificial intelligence (ID.AI) that work in Arcadia Skynet SHIELD (EAS). All mobile units in air, land or water can communicatie on AI level and work in swarm technologies.


Arcadia RA Technology (ART)

Arcadia RA (EYE) Technology uses the latest AI application, equipment, and systems in our Digital Eye (camera) software systems. We update all sort of camera’s whit our RA technologies.