The Vehicle Mounte 360° no dead-zone UAV Drone Jammer has aim at interference UAV working frequency band, 360° no dead-zone jamming distance 3-5km, interfere with its uplink and downlink frequency band signal transmission, so that remote control failure, Forcing the UAV can not remote control failure, shooting video

images can not return transmission, forcing the UAV hovering in the air and landing, completely cut off the UAV and remote control or ground station, jamming satellite navigation signal can not tracking UAV position The Vehicle Mounte 360° no dead-zone UAV Drone Jammer can support RS 485 Remote control function, throught software platform real-time monitoring, Perfect self-protective function, when the equipment overheating, output over power, VSWR ect fault warning, the jammer will auto turn-off which have fault module, to avoid the jammer damage.

The Vehicle Mounte 360° no dead-zone UAV Drone Jammer is widely deployed in emergency, border, anti-terrorism and other areas, especially for large-scale conference security and security, national leaders to visit, major sports events and other venues. To ensure that the target square or target range of security perimeter safe and controllable. Provide adequate technical support for large-scale event security.


No dead-zoon Omnibearing 360 directional antenna. Cut off UAV drone remote control failure, Forcing the UAV hovering in the air and landing, completely cut off the UAV andremote control or ground station. To prevent UAV frequency hopping technology. Using advanced Interference technology, in view of the navigation and flight control signals of interference made special treatment so as to achieve the excellent interference effect, truly interference distance (interference distance is 3 km above), RF module alarm type: Temperature alarm, Over power alarm, Standing wave alarm. The equpiment has the advantages of wide band, high precision, no radiation, low power consumption, high sensitivity. It is suitable for mobile signal detection, illegal communication equipment acquisition, wireless signal monitoring, unlicensed wireless device detection Kind of application.




Technical parameters



Effective shielding Frequency band as following:

Remoto control: ISM 433/ISM 915/ISM2.4/ ISM 5,8G

Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS/ GLONASS /Beidou/ Galileo

Video transmission: ISM 2.4,ISM 5.8G.

And so on, or any other need to customization frequency band.

Each band : 20W/ 50W/100 optional

Effective shileding radius:3-5kM ,( depending on the environment signal strength

and module RF output power)Complete blocking time 10 seconds.

Operation way: Independent RF switch on/off,

Power supply: Input 220 VAC / Output 24V-32V

Power consumption: 1440W

Continuous working hours: 24hours ongoing working.

Antenna type: High Gain Omnibearing 360 directional antenna.

Antenna:IP 66

Device: IP55 or IP 65

Operating Temp: -25ºC – +60ºC

Humidity: 30%-95%

Antenna Dimension L)170CM* (Ø)30CM





Prevent remote controlled improvised explosive devices from being activated and

stop terrorist attacks;

Protect explosives handling experts;

Risk mitigation and explosives removal in specified spots;

Police used for VVIP convoy, ECM, anti drug, riot control, Military used for border

control, ECM etc.

Protect important places such as bus/train stations, plazas, schools, mass

gatherings, stadiums,the airport, the public hospital system, prisons, detention

centers, drug addicts, security agencies, troops, large events, concerts, important

meetings, government agencies, anti-terrorism areas and other important places,

facilities, space security, Of the area.