Using ultrahigh frequency boardband jamming technology.

Using advanced Interference technology, in view of the navigation and flight control signals of interference made special treatment so as to achieve the excellent interference effect, truly interference distance (interference distance is 2 km above), Import component, slow starting circuit design and can avoid mechanical switch generated spark phenomenon, high level of integration and working stabilization

Perfect self-protective function, when the equipment overheating, output over power, VSWR ect fault warning, the jammer will auto turn-off which have fault module, to avoid the jammer damage.

Ethernet IP Remote Monitoring System available

RF module alarm type: Temperature alarm, Over power alarm, Standing wave alarm.

low radiation, portable, simple to use.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range Channel RF Output Power

1CH 433MHz 100W

2CH 900 MHz 100W

3CH GPS L1 100W

4CH GPS L2 100W

5CH 2.4G 100W

6CH 5.8G 30W

RF output Power Total: 530W

Each module Max RF output power: 530W (RF output Power: 53dbm) 0-200W (Power adjustable)

Effective shileding radius:4-6kM ,( depending on the environment signal strength)

The better choose directional antenna, shileding effective more better.

Complete blocking time 30 seconds.

Operation way: Independent RF switch on/off, RF Power regulation

Power supply: Input 110v~ 240VAC / Output 24V-32V

Power consumption: 2160W

Continuous working hours: 24hours ongoing working.

Remote Control: RS 485 or RJ 45

Antenna type: High Gain Directional Panel Antennas or Omni Antennas

Antenna Gain: 17dBi

Waterproof level: IP66

Sand proof: Yes

Operating Temp: -25ºC – +60ºC

Humidity: 30%-95%

Net Weight: 7kgs;


Packing size:830(L)*565(W)*435(H)mm

Accessoris: Power cable, antenna, RS485 connector, USB cable wall-mounted expansion bolt.


Prevent remote controlled improvised explosive devices from being activated and stop terrorist


Protect explosives handling experts;

Protect important places such as bus/train stations, plazas, schools, mass gatherings, stadiums, etc;

Risk mitigation and explosives removal in specified spots;

Police used for VVIP convoy, ECM, anti drug