15 hours flytime

7 km

200 km radius

7 kg payload

160 km/h

Fuel motor

Fly System (European Quality)

A.I based fly system                Pixhawk Cube (USA) HORUS A.I System technology (Belgium)

GNNS                                         GPS and Galileo System (USA & Europe)                           

Video Transmiter                    Diversity 1.2Ghz, 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz or Dual band (DM©Spain)        

Radio Transmiter                    433, 868, 902, 915, 950Mhz (DM©Spain)    

Motor                                         (Hacker© Germany)    

Servo                                          (Hacker© Germany)


Radio Control Stations (European Quality)

Control stations                 Professionel portable ground station D4 V2 with integrated radio

                                               Dippending your range choise  25km – 50km – 100km – 200km



Material                                  Carbon fiber + Unbreakable ARC-Coating level 1

Wingspan                              3000mm 

Length:                                   820mm 


Weight & Payload 


Empty weight:                        9 kg 

Maximum take off weight   20 kg 

Payload capacity                    7 kg 


Flight characteristics 


Cruise speed                           65 – 70 km/h 

Maximum speed                    160 km/h 

Stall Speed                                55 km/h 

Maximum flight time             14 hours 

Range choise (km)                  200km

Maximum altitude                  5 km               



Battery type                            Lypo

Engine type                            Fuel motor 4 stroke + 9 liter tank

Onboard generator              150 w




Maximum takeoff                                   50 km/h          

Maximum wind in cruise flight           70 km/h 

Operating temperature                       – 25° to +50°




Arcadia Blue sky box, is the engine, memory or brain of our UAV’s. All intelligence modules are fit together in one box. All components are European components that make our drones and UAV’s unique. 

Arcadia Artificial intelligence (A.I)

Combining drones and artificial intelligence seems to be the answer to the future. All Arcadia drones have personal ID of Artificial intelligence (ID.AI) that work in Arcadia Skynet SHIELD (EAS). All mobile units in air, land or water can communicatie on AI level and work in swarm technologies.


Arcadia RA Technology (ART)

Arcadia RA (EYE) Technology uses the latest AI application, equipment, and systems in our Digital Eye (camera) software systems. We update all sort of camera’s whit our RA technologies.