2 hours flytime

120 meter

5 km radius

6 kg payload

50 km/h

Electric motor

Standard Outdoor ARCADIA eBlimp RC Zeppelin Packages Include:


*High Quality US made Urethane Balloon

   * Internal LED lights (full spectrum Red – Green – Blue)

   * Internal wire harness for fin and Gondola connetions

   * Banner Anchors, top and bottom, for multiple banner shapes & sizes

* Molded Carbon Fiber Gondola

   * Twin Brushless motors with 270º rotation. (e100 systems only use 90º rotation)

   * Machined Aluminum motor mounts – U.S. made.

   * Sturdy, unbendable Carbon Fiber rotator shaft.

* Spektrum 2.4 ghz 8 channel Radio Control system

* LED controller (to set custom colors, changing colors, or strobe effects)

* Voltage Downlink Telemetry – (allows realtime battery monitoring)

* (2) Sets Lithium Batteries & Recharging system.

    (can be substituted for other battery technoledgy if you prefer)

* Prize Drop Mechanism (for dropping coupons, giftcards, etc.)

* Camera Stabilized or GImba Controlled  Live HD transmission for live entertainment. GoPro, Camcarder, DSLRs, Thermal, or any other camera.

* Spare Parts (Propellors, Motor Shroud, Miscelaneous Hardware)

* Flight Instruction

* 1 yr Warranty & customer support.