Arcadia Security Drone Academy – Marbella (ASDA) second headquarters from ASDA in Marbella, Spain. We offers a service in MASTER training and formation that comes in another level of tactics and manoeuvring agility.

These formations are not a public service;

Only licensed people from military, police, re ghters, licensedsecurity companies, licensed body guard companies and secret services can follow the Security Master Skill Formations at ASDA.


  1. Professional security companies 
  2. Police
  3. Secret Service
  4. Anti-Terror
  5. Private detective 
  6. Militairy
  7. Fire ghters
  8. Rescue services
  9. -Safety of eld workers

The BCN Drone Center is located in Moia, Barcelona at an hour’s drive away from the Barcelona Airport and downtown Barcelona. The building in completely off-grid and uses solar and wind energy to power itself. We have a segregated airspace and runway and a fully equipped office  including hangar, lab, meeting room, ground control stations in the bioclimatic building surrounded by nature.


Police Master training

Anti-Terror training