Arcadia European Military Development Research Laboratory (AEMDRL) is private, young and independent research laboratory in the hart of Europe. Q Labo of Arcadia Industries. Here mission is to invent new technologies to make are European world safer. European defence and new future technology our priority of the labs. Different independent researchers, student, engineers around Europe help with the daily development of our research. Arcadia European Military Development Research Laboratory (AEMDRL) work only for Arcadia Industries development European Governments or European Secret Services.

For this new military inventions and new evolutions we research in our lab’s: 

  • European civil protection technologies
  • Spy gadget lab for European secret services.
  • New development of spy video, audio nano-technology for secret services.
  • EUROPEAN Army Factory, we have invent the first mobile army factory.
  • Army and Military A.I Artificial Intelligence
  • E-ROBOT, making the first European army robot
  • European Police Amor Suite
  • European Army Exoskeleton for military use
  • A.I Security Drone, we develop the first invisible UFO and speed drones.
  • Army Nanotechnology

Our LAB’S are select in 5 levels 

  • Level1: Arcadia Industries – European Defense and Army Research
  • Level2: Arcadia Industries – European Civil Defense Research
  • Level3: Arcadia Engineering – Aerospace and UFO lab
  • Level 4: Arcadia Engineering – Bulletproof and Anti-Explosive lab
  • Level 5: Arcadia Engineering – Independent Micro Student and Senior Lab


Campus DronePort
Lichtenberglaan 1090
3800 Sint-Truiden