40 min flytime

120 meter

5 km radius

6 kg payload

50 km/h

Electric motor

ARCADIA X23 drone is equipped with a thermal infrared camera to ensure full protection of your house or business place and it’s environment at all time. When a disaster occurs or when you are locked in a safe room or shelter because of imminent treat, this drone allows you to keep an overview of the situation. The drone can be flew manually with the remote controller, or by use of the control system in the safe room or shelter.



Arcadia Blue sky box, is the engine, memory or brain of our UAV’s. All intelligence modules are fit together in one box. All components are European components that make our drones and UAV’s unique. 

Arcadia Artificial intelligence (A.I)

Combining drones and artificial intelligence seems to be the answer to the future. All Arcadia drones have personal ID of Artificial intelligence (ID.AI) that work in Arcadia Skynet SHIELD (EAS). All mobile units in air, land or water can communicatie on AI level and work in swarm technologies.


Arcadia RA Technology (ART)

Arcadia RA (EYE) Technology uses the latest AI application, equipment, and systems in our Digital Eye (camera) software systems. We update all sort of camera’s whit our RA technologies.