Drone jammer wiith radar, acoustic sensors, RF detectors, plus heat and optical cameras Automated analysis correlates available data for users and provides maximum situational awareness and the fastest response to threats from the air.

DRONE GUN (1,5km)

Drone jammer jamming satellite positioning signal aim to whole GNSS GPS, Including to :GPS/Big Dipper/GOLONESS/GPS; At same time jamming ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G which signal be frequently-used by drone, Jamming picture the positioning of drone remote control to get emergency landing, return flight or hanging in the air the effect. The drone jammer Which be independent research and development by ARCADIA ENGINEERING Function is strong, far interference distance from 1 to 1.5 km.


Using advanced Interference technology, in view of the navigation and flight control signals of interference made special treatment so as to achieve the excellent interference effect, truly interference distance (interference distance is 2 km above),


The Vehicle Mounte 360° no dead-zone UAV Drone Jammer has aim at interference UAV working frequency band, 360° no dead-zone jamming distance 3-5km, interfere with its uplink and downlink frequency band signal transmission, so that remote control failure,