Arcadia Aerospace Factory is part of Arcadia Industries. Our mission is safety, European defence is our priority. We are lead manufacturers of unbreakable, bulletproof, anti-explosive and complete waterproof drones. Our specialisation is the development of unique security, police, military grade, anti-terrorism and spy drones. We can also treat any existing drone with our Arcadia Nano-coatings to fulfil the desires of our clients.

Arcadia Aerospace uses the latest flight program technology combined with artificial intelligence to make smart drones which can autonomously react to changes in their environment. Only the latest state of the art high definition cameras are used to assure the best quality. Our cameras are fit for mapping, surveillance, crowd monitoring and threat-detection. In the Europe of tomorrow, Arcadia Aerospace is a trustworthy ally in the war against crime and terrorism, providing safety for European citizens.

We make all kind of drones, UAV’S, UAS and even UFO’S. Arcadia Aerospace can create any design the way you want. Everything is made and assembled in our workshops where experienced craftsmen work using only materials of the highest quality. In the Arcadia Aerospace Lab our engineers are working on the drones of the future, developing new designs and new technologies.

If you have a wild design in mind, our any groundbreaking technological idea, you have found the right company to realize it.

Arcadia Aerospace Factory

  • Lichterveldlaan 1910
  • Sint-Truiden
  • Belgium
  • Phone: +32.468.56.70.86

Our Manufacturing

  • Design of drone and UAV’s. (for police, military or security)
  • Manufacturing unbreakable, bulletproof, anti-explosive drone and UAV’s.
  • Fixed Wing jet-propelled multi payload drone (300km/h)
  • Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology included.
  • Nanotechnology based drone.
  • Software, swarm, target pointing, follow target, target and face recognition.
  • Anti-terrorism solutions (drone jammers, anti-drone antenna, kamikaze drone’s).

Our Aerospace Services

  • Professional rent service; military, police, spy or body-guard drone pilots.
  • Formation for military, police, spy or body-guard drone pilots.
  • Formation for Anti-terrorism pilots.
  • Formation for Jet propelled Fixed Wing drones.
  • Formation of drone pilots and engineers for security companies.
  • Drone Rent service B2B for security companies.
  • 3D mapping for buildings, urbanisations, regions or total countries.

Our training facilities 

  • 5 different fly zone for drones and UAV’s
  • Available zone 1: 350l x 130w x 150h meters, surface area: 18,5 Ha
  • Available zone 2: Surface area: 88 Ha
  • Available zone 3: 58 ha, 650 ft AMSL, surface area: 114,5 Ha
  • Available zone 4: 12km x 7km. 2000 FT AMSL, surface area: 5658 Ha
  • Available zone 5: 1,5 NM (nautical miles)
  • WIFI available
  • Permanently active for UAVs
  • Permanent contact with control tower

Droneport Sint-Truiden

Droneport Nivelles

  • Lichterveldlaan 1910
  • Sint-Truiden
  • Belgium
  • Industrielaan 21
  • Nivelles
  • Belgium

DRONEPORT SINT-TRUIDEN / Arcadia Office, meeting rooms and incubator (2020)

Extra building and factory facilities (2020)


Campus DronePort
Lichtenberglaan 1090
3800 Sint-Truiden